Friday, 26 June 2015

Using Kraftyhands CD`s in Craft Artist Pro

Hi there
I have been asked on a few occasions how to use Craft Artist Pro with Kraftyhands CD`s so this time I thought I would do a tutorial on how to do this, so here goes.

Firstly open a Kraftyhands cd, I am using Floral Fantasia

open your background papers tag and choose a background paper, I have chosen page 10, click on the camera in the toolbar and click on the image, the screen will turn blue
and a pop up box will appear
click on OK
Open Craft Artist Pro, and select A4 landscape
right click on the screen and select paste your background paper will appear.
You will probably have to resize the image as it will be too big, go to a corner and drag the small box until the paper fits inside the white base.
As I am making an 8" x 8" design I need to resize again, so go to the right hand bottom corner where I have marked on the picture below and enter the size you want
Now go back to the Kraftyhands cd and pick out the design you want to use with your background paper, I have picked out page 15 in the decoupage sheets, dragged a rectangle around the image, and the a box appears to tell you it has copied
click on ok and go into Craft Artist and right click your mouse and select paste and rotate your image so that it is landscape
Now the image needs cropping to get rid of the bit of extra border which you don't need, click on the crop tool in the toolbar and the lines around the image with change to look like perforation lines
click on the small box on the left and drag upto the red frame on the image, click on the top small box and drag again, then do the same with the right and bottom small boxes, your image should now look like this
Move your image off to one side for now as we now need to add some embellishments etc from your digikits. If you have experience of using Craft Artist you will no how to do this, if not I will go through it. Click on Frames where I have marked on the left side of your screen.
Click on ADD and a pop up screen will appear showing all the frames in your digikits, scroll down until you see one you like which goes with the image you have chosen.
Click on the frame and it will appear in Frames on the left of your screen
Drag the frame onto the grey area of your screen and rotate if need be. If you drag your frame over the image it will grab the whole thing and we don't want that.
Now drag the frame onto your image resizing the frame to fit the image if need be.
Once you are happy with the image and frame, click on the frame and go to Styles on the right side and pick SHADOWS, scroll down till you see the shadow you want to put round your frame to make it look 3d. I usually use the 3rd one so the shadow is on the left bottom corner.
Now add some embellishments click on embellishments and ADD where I have marked and choose your embellishments and decorate as you please.
This is my finished project.

 Quite basic but that is how I use Kraftyhands cd`s with Craft Artist.
You can go on and add as much as you like or just leave it simple, my best tip is to use the Help tab in Craft Artist as you can learn a lot from that or go on Craft Artist - Creative Cappers a Facebook Group who have a wealth of information also forum. 
I use Craft Artist for nearly every project I make when I am using cd`s as I like to resize the designs, and make up a layout before printing all the elements.
You can see the cards I have made at
and take a look at the shop at
Hope I have given you some inspiration
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  1. Hi Jeanette .WOW great tutorial .Lot of effort gone into this .THANK YOU .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  2. I too use Craft Artist in every project. Makes the whole process so much easier. Annie xxx

  3. Brilliant Jeanette. I wondered how you did it. Now to have a play myself. Thank you. Linda x

  4. Great tutorial Jeanette. Very comprehensive.