Sunday, 10 May 2015

Using your CD's to their full potential.

Hi everyone. It is my turn again today. So I thought maybe you would like to know how to make cards using our CDs, in various sizes.

First of all open your CD and find the design you would like to use.
In the CD I have used, Floral Fantasia, the design sheets make up an A5 card. If you would like to make something smaller, you need to go to your printing page.
This is mine.
I have chosen the pages I want to print, which is 7 and 8. Next I clicked on Custom Scale and chose 50%, you can make this any size you wish.
You will see in the white box, the printing area. It is now showing the 50% printing area.
I have also gone into Properties and changed the paper to Matt Photo paper, which is what I use for CD printing.
These are the sheets printed in 50% and 100%.

Once cut out and made up, these are my two cards.

The large one is A5 and the small one is 5x5 inches.

I hope this helps you, to get more out of your CDs.

See you soon,

Linda x


  1. Love the smaller cards .Good tip, Linda
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this - I have been looking for this kind of help for a while, brilliant! Jx

    1. Thank you Janice, for your lovely comment, It took me a while to work it out when I first started crafting with CDs.

  3. Lovely cards Linda and thanks for the tip.