Sunday, 3 May 2015

Crafty Tips from Laura

Hi, Laura here today I thought I would just pass on a crafty tip of two. Sorry if this seems very simple and basic but I thought it might help new crafters. I have cutting machines etc but sometimes it is very pleasant just to 'cut out' by hand.

This is one of my favourite images.  It can be found on the Kraftyhands Butterflies Botanical CD.
This image I have enlarged into Word.
It does not matter what scissors you use these are my choice, but they must be comfortable for you and sharp.

  • Cut off one of the butterflies and cut around it taking off the bulk of the paper as close as you can to the image leaving a border about 3mm. With this butterfly I also cut off the antenna (poor thing)

  • Now return to cut around as close to the image as you can turning it as you cut. You should find that it is easier as you have already cut off the bulk of the paper and lessened the tension pushing back on your scissors. You can get in and out of small areas and the paper curls off to the side.

  • The image now sits perfectly over the other one and the antenna are magically back. On the left you can see the bulky paper cut away and on the right are the wispy bits that more or less fall away.

Here is the finished image. I have glued the head and body flat onto the underneath image and slightly curled the wings placing sticky pads close to the body underneath to hold the wings up slightly.
 If you cut out  both of the images you can  glue them back to back to make a dangling butterfly.

Here is the butterfly used in my sample for last months Blog Challenge Natures Work.

Final tip if your scissors are glued up and sticky clean them with cotton wool and a dab of Lavender Oil, I would clean all your scissors in one evening while having a cup of tea or something stronger and chill out.

Hope this has been of help and interest.
Crafty Wishes


  1. totally awesome work there , Laura. Great tutorial too .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  2. Never thought of cutting out butterflies like this, excellent Laura. Card is beautiful. Hugs Jeanette xx

  3. A great tip Laura and beautiful card too.

  4. Fabulous card with clear tutorial for cutting out tips with great photos
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  5. Brilliant Laura! I didn't know about the Lavender oil. I use baby wipes. I will certainly give it a try though now! Thanks for the great tips. Judy x

  6. Great tip Laura. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the Lavender oil Judy, it is very relaxing.

  8. Thanks everyone. Enjoy the Lavender oil Judy, it is very relaxing.