Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NEC Blues...

Good morning/afternoon Facebookers! We're back after a lovely break away for the bank holiday weekend. Had a fantastic few days on the north Yorkshire coast at Whitby.

The weather was warm and sunny and just perfect! Back to work this morning with a bump, to find out that ICHF the organisers of Hobbycrafts at the NEC have us by the legal short and curlies and wont allow us to cancel our stand for November. Or if we do, we still have to pay! So it looks as though we have no choice but to go and try and cover costs as much as possible! we guess we'd better start looking at some in-expensive hotels to stay in. 

Oh well, looks like it's beans on toast for tea!


  1. We're coming to the show in November and will always drop by to say hello. If only I lived in Birmingham I'd put you lads up for the duration of the show.
    Unfortunately, I live in Plymouth, Devon - you're always welcome here.

    By the way, just received the Butterfly Botanicals CD it's wonderful. I'd better go and buy more printer ink.

    Take care,