Friday, 22 November 2013

Christmas Tutorial by DT Member - Laura Davison

We hope you're all ready for the weekend, we sure are! We have another fab Christmas Tutorial by our lovely DT member Laura Davison!

This is a fairly easy stepper card to make. 
You will need to know how to use the camera tool in Adobe to capture copy and paste an image into a program where you can resize the image. This technique once  mastered is very useful. Kraftyhands images are of such good quality that you can resize them for projects such as printing onto fabric transfer paper, tissue paper etc.

Finished Card


From the S for Santa CD you will need to print out Image 7 from the 6 x 6 card making set and the red spot paper image 6 from the backing paper sets. 
For the third sheet shown below you will need to construct it  yourself, like this, select 6 x 6 card sets page 9. Using the camera tool from Adobe, capture, copy and paste Santa decorating the Christmas tree into your program ( I used Word) Enlarge the image. I used the grid and made it approx 14 x 12 cm but it could have been larger. Then return to S for Santa CD and from page 11 of the 6 x 6 cards select the image of the parcels and do the same placing it onto your Word page. Copy and paste the parcels 4 times varying the sizes to give depth and interest to your card. Don't make them too small or they will be very difficult to cut out.


Using a fairly strong, but not too thick piece of card make your stepper card. I used gold, any Christmas colour  would work. 
From the short edge of an A4 card cut off 2 cms. Then score the card at 5cms, 10cms 16cms, 22cms and 25 cms. Fold the card into mountains and valleys like below. From the 2cm piece you cut off make two strips 4 cms long  and score them every centimetre. Fold them along score lines to make small hinges. These small pieces make the bracing struts.

Glue the bracing struts to the underneath part of your card. These make your card more rigid and less likely to splay open when decorated.


Cut out your images from the sheets and decoupage Santa's face and gloves. You can also 
use his boots if you wish. At this point you can add your glitter or leave it till your card is constructed.


This is the fun part of the card.
Layer the image of Santa and the tree onto the spotty card and glue into place. Also line the two mountains sides facing you with the matching paper at the front of your card. 
Place your other pieces onto the card so it looks like the first illustration. If you have not already used your glitter do it now.
Remember to place your dancing Santa's at an angle to give movement to the card and to vary your piles of parcels.
Hope you enjoy and Happy Card Making.
Crafty Wishes Laura XXX


  1. A fabulous tutorial and a brilliant card Laura x

  2. WOW Laura . awesome make and great tutorial . And handy tip about using struts to stop card from sagging when embellished .
    Love it
    hugs Shirley-anne