Monday, 17 June 2013

Don Valley Stadium - Sheffield

Thanks to all the ladies and gents that came to see us yesterday at the Ross Papercraft Show, Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield. Although the attendance was pretty low, with just having Stamp Magic, Father's Day and Summer Crafting just around the corner, we still had a good time!

We have a soft spot for Sheffield as it's where we did our very first craft show 5 years ago. Seems such a long time, and in 5 years we have come quite a distance, I'm sure you'll agree!

Those lovely ladies who first met us back then are still coming back and it was so nice to see so many of you yesterday!

Of course it was the last show at the Don Valley Stadium as it is being demolished later in the year, but the next Ross Papercraft Show will be moving to a new venue at the Westfield Sports College on Eckington Road on the 17th November.

See you there!
Mike & Ian

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  1. you always remember you first! lol, shame its being knocked down though!