Thursday, 30 May 2013

Create & Craft Round Up

Well a busy day down at Create & Craft earlier today, we've just got back and are having a bit of a rest. The Summer of 59 CD was very well received by the viewers as were all the other products. It makes all the hard work in the preparation worth while when we know that our customers love what we're doing, and judging by all the lovely emails we received you certainly do!

Two good hours live on air with new presenter Lee Clark, who turned out to be game for a laugh, and the final hour with Andy Love who is always up for a chuckle.

But the funniest lines of the day have to go to Nigel May with the girls from Sixpenny Memories while discussing Geordie dialect in one of their books pipes up, "Can I say fadge live on air? It's kneading bread, is that allowed, can I say kneading fadge? Oh we'll too late now, not that I've ever kneaded a fadge in my whole life..."

And the final funny line of the day had to go to Leoni who while introducing her solo 3pm Spellbinder show said, "Welcome to Create & Craft, I'm Leoni Pu...., Pul....oh Eck it comes to something when you forget your own name live on air...!"

This is the reason why we love Create & Craft, you just never ever know what you're gonna get!!

Off for bath and bed, catch you all later.


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