Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Another Show Done!

It's really surprising just how quickly an hour goes! No sooner had we said hello to Debbie Shore we were saying goodbye!

Our hour on Create & Craft this morning went really well, if you discount the gremlins that were plaguing the studio today, not only were they having massive technical issues with their email, as in not getting any, but also with their computer system. The computers in the studios are all linked to their master computer and that's where the two discs we were demonstrating were held! So that's why the discs didn't run as they should. We totally lost connection at one point!

Anyway, that aside, the show went really well, Ian managed to muscle in on most of the card making demos and I didn't get a chance to make a single card!

We did bump into some old mates in the green room though, Jo Channon, Mel Heaton, Rob Adams and Sara Davis were all taking it easy back stage, so we had chance for a lot of catch up and gossip over coffee and biscuits!

We finally left Create & Craft about 1pm and headed off home back up the A1 singing along to Christmas carols at the top of our voices!

We were going to sit and watch the repeat tonight at 11pm but it got cancelled! Obviously we'd sold out on most of the stock so there was no point in running the repeat!

All in all a good day!


  1. Yes hun I agree it was a great day and enjoyed listening to you both singing Christmas carols and songs from my favourite show Wicked!!!

    Big Hugs to you both
    Linda xxxx

  2. So glad it went well Guys!! I didnt get the chance to see it but pressed to record the 11pm show but sadly as you say it was cancelled...but we dont mind that ...great to hear it was a sell out well done!!!Linda nice to hear you were entertained too on the way home LOL!!

    1. Don't think her ears bled that much...It's quite surprising at just what a high voice Ian has got!