Friday, 3 February 2012

Design Team Update

Just so that we don't get hundreds of individual requests to find when the DT results will be announced, I can let you all know all the following:

We had a much greater response than we ever thought we would with over one hundred people applying for a place on the design team. As the application process was only closed on the 31st of Jan, it's going to take us a little while to go through each one and give everyone an equal chance to impress. So please be patient and we'll hopefully make the announcement at the start of next week which will give us this weekend to look and read through everyone's submission in turn.

Thank You


  1. Hi that is nice to here so many people applied for your DT posts but how come only four people entered the Christmas competition but fuuny that sorry if its harsh
    best wishes to all that entered

  2. Hi
    I have only just found out that you had a blog and I will be coming back regularly to see what you have. I didn't even know you had a Christmas competition. I will be putting you on my side bar so when there is a posting I will get to know and come and visit.

    I am absolutely delighted for you both that you had such a fantastic response to your DT call. Good look to everyone.

    Linda xxxx

  3. Wow what an amazing response to the DT Call.I'm keeping my fingers x'd !!!!

    Good luck to everyone that applied

    Kerry x

  4. Fantastic response for your DT call, I think you might be a little busy for a while, lol.

    Hugs Julie x